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Our dev-team can also be hired to build new software from scratch. We work with a wide range of technologies and languages like:

Java Angular JS iOS Android SQL databases Amazon Web Services (AWS) Spring HTML5 CSS

Past and current projects


The sms reminders

A missed appointment can be frustrating, both for the visitor and for the company hosting the appointment. With “Dit-i-tid” (swedish for “There-in-time”) you can make sure that your visitors get all the help they need to be in time, and to arrive with a smile on their face! Save money, time and energy with accessible digital reminders. Available as a cloud service or API.

Dit-i-tid website (Swedish)

Meetings saved so far: 4703


The simulator

Trying to build an accessible website? Having trouble validating if a subcontractor is fulfilling the accessibility requirements that you gave them? Test your site with the Funkify simulator to instantly find and understand accessibility issues, and how to fix them.

Funkify’s website

Insights given so far: 7375


The accessible transit app

With our accessible travel planner “ResLedaren” users get reminders and support during their public transport trips, making sure they feel safe and in control during their trips, and increase the chance of being in time! Download the app for free:

ResLedaren on App Store (Swedish) 

ResLedaren on Google Play (Swedish)

Trips made possible so far: 81240.