Accessibility review

Lean back and let an expert do the work! An accessibility review gives you all you need to comply with WCAG and other accessibility standards.

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What you get

Watch a video summary from one of our accessibility specialists.

  • Help to comply with WCAG, Web Accessibility DirectiveADA and other accessibility standards. And — more importantly — help to make your product usable for as many people as possible, regardless of disability.
  • A list of accessibility issues sorted according to priority.
  • Suggested solutions to each issue. Including code examples, videos, illustrations and screenshots.
  • If you’re in the European Union and a public sector body: A complete ready-to-publish accessibility statement for your website or app. Check out our specific product page for this: Accessibility statement – let us create it for you!

Examples from previous reviews

You decide on how you want the results presented. Communicated directly to the developers? Written report? Slack? Skype meetings? We’re flexible! But here is an example from a previous report that will give you an idea:

Section about contrast issues of an inphographic. Both text and screenshots illustrate the issue.
Spreadsheet overview of results in prioritised order.


You can decide on three different levels of detail for the accessibility review based on your needs. The price will also depend on the size of your website or app, and we give some examples of prices below. For an offer based on your product – contact us at

  • Full WCAG review
    An in-depth review for those of you who need to know for sure if you fulfill each and every point in the WCAG guidelines. We will test each part of your website, every menu, setting and feature. External parts, logged in parts, cookie banners, third party chat bots – you name it! We’ll include screen videos of when we navigate your interface with different assistive technologies like screen readers, switches and screen magnification. After the review, you can get a proper accessibility statement to comply with legislation in the EU, or a “VPAT” for the US market, check out details here:
    Accessibility statement – let us create it for you!

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    Price examples:

    • Small website (1-5 page types, almost no interactivity)
      • €4900
    • Medium website (5-10 page types, some interactivity)
      • €6900
    • Large complex website (10+ page types, lots of interactivity)
      • from €7900
  • Medium
    As our most popular product, this is the optimal place to start making a difference! You’ll get a solid understanding of your accessibility issues and how to fix them. Our accessibility experts will review your site with some common assistive technologies and go through the most important criteria in WCAG. You’ll get a prioritized list of the most important issues they find.

    If your team doesn’t have time to fix 100+ accessibility bugs right now – it may not be worth paying to find all of them? We understand that! Then “Medium” is a better choice than the “Full WCAG review”.

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    Price examples:

    • Small website (1-5 page types, mostly text and images)
      • €2900
    • Medium website (5-10 page types, some interactivity)
      • €4900
    • Large complex website (10+ page types, lots of interactivity)
      • from €5 900
  • Small
    Our smallest review that helps you identify some of the most common accessibility problems in your software. Perfect if you need some indicator of your current state of accessibility, but you haven’t received much budget for accessibility work yet! We test what we can during 1 day and focus on whats most important. The report will help you fix the most obvious and problematic issues.
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    • €1900

Get the price in your currency ( We work worldwide.

Optional add-ons

Our reports are very pedagogical, and include screenshots and suggested solutions that help teams work with the issues after we are done with a review. However, there can still be questions about how to best solve some things in code and design. And discussions about what the laws really require, and what is more “nice to have” etc. Then it’s nice to have an expert to guide you!

“Hour bank” – Specialist support

When ordering a review you can add an “Hour bank” from one of our specialists, to help guide your team during the months following the review. They can set up a shared Slack channel, book pair-programming sessions or consulting meetings, or just be available on email for tricky questions. If we have the availability in your area we can also come join you at the office a day per week or something!

Having an hour bank means your team is not left alone to handle the report findings – you have our expert available all the way to the end!

  • Large hour bank
    100+ hours

  • Medium hour bank
    40-100 hours
  • Small hour bank
    10-40 hours

Acceptance test

So you have gotten the report and handover meeting from us, and your team has fixed all the issues. At least they think they have! But are you sure?

Sometimes our clients want us to re-test the product when the team feels done, to make sure all issues have been remediated successfully, without inadvertedly introducing new bugs. This usually takes about 30% of the time of the original review. And yes – we usually find that some things are not completely done yet, and that some new issues have appeared.

Price is 30% of original review, so for example:

  • Large review- acceptance test
  • Medium review- acceptance test
  • Small review – acceptance test

Discount if you combine with user tests

User testing and accessibility audits by experts complement each other very well. Especially if you both want to fulfill accessibility guidelines (which accessibility reviews are best at) and deliver a better user experience for all users (which user tests are best at).

We’re so keen on getting you to combine both an expert review and a user test that we’ll knock 20% off the price of the user tests when you combine your accessibility review order with user tests. Oh what a great deal! Go ahead and order before we change our minds 😉

Who’s the expert?

We’re confident you’ll love all our experts! The work will always be carried out or quality checked by an IAAP certified accessibility specialists. On top of that, all of our experts are super charming and awesome at their work! Let us know if you want to chat with them before deciding, and we’ll set it up.

Order an accessibility review

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