Developers, agile coaches and project managers

Are you looking for a dev team to help you build websites or apps? Then you’re in the right place! Our developers, scrum masters, agile coaches, and project managers can help you build robust, high-performance, accessible software from scratch.

Two female developers pair programming front of a screen.

Our dev team, scrum masters, agile coaches, and project managers live and breathe agile software development. They have built award-winning products and our previous clients seem quite fond of us *humble brag*:

I’m so happy with this product and how well it was received. You’re a fantastic team to work together with. Every one of you have been crucial for this project ❤️

Can’t thank you enough for your hard work this spring – for your tireless engagement to make this product accessible to everyone!

Hooray! Such an unbelievable feeling and so great to have worked together with all of you. We’re such a power team! Stoked about continuing to work together!

Our developers work with a wide range of technologies and languages like:

Java React Angular 5+ Heroku SQL Circle CISpring HTML5 CSS WordPress SiteVision

And remember: when you work with us, accessibility is always built in!.

Previous projects

Here are some previous projects our developers, scrum masters and project leaders are proud to have been a part of.


The simulator

Trying to build an accessible website? Having trouble validating if a subcontractor is fulfilling the accessibility requirements that you gave them? Test your site with the Funkify extension for Google Chrome to instantly find and understand accessibility issues, and how to fix them.

Funkify’s website

Insights given so far: 19 757


The sms reminders

A missed appointment can be frustrating, both for the visitor and for the company hosting the appointment. With “Dit-i-tid” (swedish for “There-in-time”) you can make sure that your visitors get all the help they need to be in time, and to arrive with a smile on their face! Save money, time and energy with accessible digital reminders. Available as a cloud service or API.

Dit-i-tid website (Swedish)

Meetings saved so far: 11 058


The accessible transit app

With our accessible travel planner “ResLedaren” users get reminders and support during their public transport trips, making sure they feel safe and in control during their trips, and increase the chance of being in time! Download the app for free:

ResLedaren on App Store (Swedish) 

ResLedaren on Google Play (Swedish)

Trips made possible so far: 114 427.


School & Life platform

DigiJag is a school and life platform for Swedes with intellectual disabilities. The platform provides an easy interface to the internet, communication with friends and relatives, real-time help features, and access to a wide range of apps to learn how to manage money, how to be friends and go on dates, managing online communications etc. The platform can stay with the user throughout life even after school is over.

Read more about Digijag

Effect so far: Under construction

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