Accessibility review by an expert

Lean back and let an expert do the work! An accessibility review gives you all you need to comply with WCAG and other accessibility standards.

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What you get

  • Help to comply with WCAG, Web Accessibility DirectiveADA and other accessibility standards. And — more importantly — help to make your product usable for as many people as possible, regardless of disability.
  • A list of accessibility issues sorted according to priority.
  • Suggested solutions to each issue. Including code examples, videos, illustrations and screenshots.

We work world wide

You decide on how you want the results presented. Communicated directly to the developers? Written report? Slack? Skype meetings? We’re flexible!


You can decide on three different levels of the accessibility review:

  • Large
    5 300 euros
    An in-depth review that ensures you’ll have all you need to get an accessible product that fulfills WCAG guidelines. We’ll also include videos of when we navigate your interface with different assistive technologies like switches, voice recognition and screen magnification. And like in the “Medium” package we’ll feature you in social media.

  • Medium
    2 990 euros
    Our most popular product. You’ll get a solid understanding of your accessibility issues and how to fix them. We’ll also write a nice piece in our social media channels about the great job you’re doing with accessibility and inclusion.

  • Small
    990 euros
    A “quick ‘n dirty” review that helps you identify some of the biggest problems. Perfect if you work in agile projects! Add it in a few of your sprints.

Get the price in your currency ( We work worldwide.

Discount if you combine with user tests

User testing and accessibility reviews by experts complement each other very well. Especially if you both want to fulfill accessibility guidelines (which accessibility reviews are best at) and deliver a better user experience for all users (which user tests are best at).

We’re so keen on getting you to combine both an expert review and a user test that we’ll knock 25% off the total price. Oh what a great deal! Go ahead and order before we change our minds 😉

Who’s the expert?

We’re confident you’ll love all our experts! They are super charming and awesome at their work. On top of that, our accessibility experts have long and proven experience. Let us know if you want to chat with them before deciding, and we’ll set it up.

Order an accessibility review

Tell us what you’d like to order by mailing or call us at +46 76 033 93 33.

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