Accessibility T-shirts! Look like the a11y nerd you are

It’s well known in the accessibility community that the road to an inclusive digital world is through awareness. And what better way to raise awareness than wearing an awesome, head-turning accessibility t-shirt?

Three accessibility t-shirts in a banner image. Each one described and linked below.

Before we begin, you might be wondering how much we get paid to write this post. It’s zero. Zip. Nada. Just hopefully the admiration from other fellow accessibility nerds! So let’s dive in!

A11y cats

Flaunt your love for accessibility, cats and puns (alley cats..get it?!😂). Put this on your Tinder profile and you’re good to go!

Gray t-shirt with 9 cats on it. Cat with headphones, in wheelchair etc.

Get A11y cats t-shirt on Bonfire

The future is accessible t-shirt

Thinking about the future is can be scary these days. Finally, you have the chance to spread some positivity!

Black t-shirt with text The Future is Accessible left aligned one word each row.

Get this future t-shirt on Redbubble

You can get a more sparkling version of the same statement.

Pink t-shirt The future is accessible. A bit more fun text than on the previous one.

Get the sparkling future t-shirt on etsy

Moose in wheelchair t-shirt

We might be a bit partial since we’re based in Sweden, but moose are just irresistible! Almost as irresistible as everyone who’s working with accessibility. Perfect match!

Green t-shirt with an illustrated moose in a wheelchair, front-on view.

Get your moose t-shirt on Teepublic (there are also versions on the site with other animals like giraffes and even dinosaurs!)

WCAG t-shirt

Perfect for walking around the office quizzing colleagues. Do they know where the words come from? If not, send them off to accessibility training!

Gray t-shirt with "Perceivable, Understandable, Operable and Robust" written on it.

Get your WCAG t-shirt at Redbubble

Inclusive coder t-shirt

Display your passion for accessibility alongside html, css and javascript.

Dark blue t-shirt with text html & css & js & a11y.

Get your inclusive coder t-shirt from Scott Vinkle

Batman in wheelchair t-shirt

A superhero t-shirt for all the superheroes working with inclusive design!

Yellow t-shirt with batman in a wheelchair.

Get your wheelchair batman t-shirt on Teepublic

Wonderwoman in a wheelchair t-shirt

From the same independent designer that brought you the Batman design above.

Purple t-shirt with wonderwoman in a wheelchair wearing pride colored wrist bands.

Get your Wheelchair Wonder Woman t-shirt on Teepublic

Accessibility matters t-shirt

It’s not easy to find t-shirts raising awareness of hidden impairments like autism. But luckily we found this one! A great reason to go get it is that “50% or more of the proceeds from this design are donated directly to disabled individuals who are fundraising for a mobility aid or other accessibility device.”

Black tshirt with icons for wheelchair, sign language, cognitive impairments and visual inpairment. Text beneath: "Accessibility matters".

Get the accessibility matters t-shirt at Bonfire

Closed captions t-shirt

Videos lacking closed captions is one of the major accessibility issues on the web. This cc t-shirt gives you a great chance to talk about closed captions with everyone who asks what the “cc” means!

Black t-shirt with cc on it.

Get your cc t-shirt at Redbubble

Sign language be kind t-shirt

While on the topic of hard-of-hearing-awareness, check out this great message in American sign language (ASL).

Black t-shirt with the text "Be kind" and on top of the text each letter is signed in American sign language.

Get your sign language t-shirt at Amazon

Wheelchair trick t-shirt

Finally, let’s challenge the classic sitting-still-in-a-wheelchair-disability-icon with this great print!

Black t-shirt with the disability icon standing on one hand in a ramp.

Get your wheelchair trick t-shirt on Teepublic

Whether or not you decide to buy this t-shirt: take a minute of your life to check out the guy who probably inspired it: Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham.

Keep spreading awareness!

Hope you found something to upgrade your wardrobe with, at the same time spreading some accessibility awareness. If you know of any other prints that you think we should add to the article, please tweet us and we’ll add them!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to dig deeper into digital accessibility, check out our other articles. We guess that if you’ve made your way down here you’d appreciate some of our more nerdy posts. So here are a few of those:

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