Developers – Frontend or Full-stack

Join our efforts to create accessible products that help people with disabilities. Work with something meaningful, together with honest and open people who bring their whole self to work.

Coffee cup, notebook and keyboard

Being a software developer Axess Lab means creating software – of course – but also that you run the company together with us! We work in a different way than most companies, and you should really read more about it on this page: We’re hiring!

This also means we tend to hire a bit more senior professionals with at least 3-5 years experience in your main role, so that you can manage to help with other tasks in parallel.

Regarding the part of the work that is within your role of software developer, you would be responsible for

  • Joining new development projects in SCRUM teams, often in-house, where we develop products with some connection to accessibility or users with disabilities.
  • Help maintaining the few products we take care of, including bug-fixes and helping the Product Owner with their work.
  • Helping us talk to the client, analyzing their needs, data modelling, constructing a backend+frontend setup with other developers, coding, testing, etc.
  • Leading demos and joining team retrospectives and daily standups.
  • Looking for new ways to optimize our way of working – we always want to improve!

We are not a single-product workplace but a consultancy company, so you will be working with many different products over the years. This means:

  • less A/B testing of different solutions, optimizing performance and fine-tuning large-scale architecture
  • more MVP work, Lean Startup thinking, ROI analysis, “keep it simple stupid” etc. To help clients reach a testable product from scratch and help them scale up if they succeed!

This being said – you are your own boss here, so were you to find a long-term assignment later with a large product you love that you want us to apply for – we will!

Tech stack

We are currently working with the following tech stack, but as we grow we are open to changing it – and it’s up to you in the end what you choose to implement in your projects. But this says a little about what knowledge your colleagues will have, and what existing projects we have:

  • Java
  • Spring
  • SQL
  • JavaScript (vanilla)
  • React
  • Angular
  • Material UI
  • Accessibility (WAI-ARIA, WCAG, etc.)

We are considering moving towards doing Node.js for backend instead of Java in future project – maybe you have something to say about that?

We like being efficient in starting up new projects from scratch so we currently use the Jhipster generator to kick start new in-house projects.

Previous projects

The respect ladder

Print screen of the Respect Ladder web app

We helped create the Respect Ladder webapp for SBAB, an app that helps organizations work with equality and anti-discrimination at the workplace.


Digijag platform visible in laptop, tablet and phone.

Together with FUB we created the digital school and life platform “Digijag” for users with intellectual disabilities, enabling a digital life with simplified apps and interfaces. website

With extreme focus on open source, low eco-impact, no “Big corp libs”, low budget, high performance and very high accessibility – we created this SPA calculator for emissions saved by remote meetings.

These are just a few of our latest projects!

Who are we looking for?

We strive to create a better world together, and sometimes that involves cool technology, but often it is enough with the simple stuff. If you want to have a job with a purpose and help in any way you can with solving problems – you are welcome here! If you are looking for the most technologically “cool” tech stack and ways to dive deep into performance perfection and the latest in micro service architecture and the coolest new CSS parallax features – we are not the place for you.

We are looking for ambitious, whole hearted, honest team players who enjoy learning new things.

We would love it if you already know a bit about digital accessibility, but we would also love to teach you if you don’t!

Contact us any way you prefer (links in footer).

Let’s talk!

Josefin, Joel and Jeanette, photo

Josefin Wessman – Accessibility Specialist
Joel Holmberg – Lead Developer
Jeanette Kimland – UX designer

We work world wide, if you need help send us an email!