About us

At Axess Lab we do important work that leads to a more accessible and including society.

What we do

  • We design and build easy to use technology together with people with disabilities. We often focus on cognitive impairments like autism and adhd, which results in technology that works well for anyone – regardless of disability.
  • We help others create products that are accessible, usable and beautiful. We can help you with development, interaction design, user testing and accessibility evaluations that help you fulfill both user needs and accessibility standards like WCAG and EN 301 549.
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  • We spread awareness and competence about digital accessibility. We do this by speaking, educating and arranging workshops on the topic of accessibility.

Axess Lab is formally called “Axessibility Lab AB” since November 2021 (Old name: Haja Applikation AB). We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Get to know the team

Hampus Sethfors, portrait.

Hampus Sethfors

UX and accessibility specialist.

Karin Skog portrait

Karin Skog

Project manager and CCO.

Joel Holmberg portrait

Joel Holmberg

Software architect and CEO.

Anna Sjölund portrait

Anna Sjölund

Autism expert, author and educator.

Daniel Göransson, portrait.

Daniel Göransson

Front-end fiddler and accessibility Clippy®.

Jeanette Kimland portrait

Jeanette Kimland

UX-designer and accessibility specialist.

Emilia Michanek portrait

Emilia Michanek

Front-end developer.

Edson Carvalho portrait

Edson Carvalho

Front-end developer.

Joakim Larsson portrait

Joakim Larsson

Front-end developer and UX-designer.

Josefin Wessman, portrait

Josefin Wessman

UX designer and accessibility expert.

Erik Gustafsson, Portrait

Erik Gustafsson

Accessibility specialist and Project manager.

Lasse Samuelsson, Portrait

Lasse Samuelsson

Accessibility specialist

Erik Lindh, Portrait

Erik Lindh

Back-end Developer

Anders Söderström, Portrait

Anders Söderström

Accessibility Specialist and Front-end developer

Karin Toft, Portrait

Karin Toft

Front-end developer

Eric Eggert, Portrait

Eric Eggert

Accessibility Specialist