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We are experts indigital accessibility, let's work together.

Our mission is to make life easier for as many people as possible by creating helpful accessible products that everyone can use.

Our consultant services


  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Usability test
  • Accessibility statement
  • WCAG audit

UX design

  • Research
  • Concept
  • Usability test
  • Workshops
  • Wireframing


  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Project managing
  • React
  • Angular
  • Pure vanilla JS

WCAG and usability testing

People with disabilities need your websites and apps to comply with the WCAG guidelines. We will gladly help with auditing and making sure all of the criteria are met so that everyone can access your fantastic products!

We also have years of experience with usability testing, and we specialize in diversity. That means we can do tests together with people with different disabilities to make sure your products work for everyone. We now also perform remote tests via Zoom or Teams!

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European Accessibility Act (EAA) – What you need to know

June 28, 2025. That’s the deadline for all banking services and e-commerce in the EU to be fully compliant with the European Accessibility Act (EAA). Here’s a straight-to-the-point summary of what you need to know!

European Accessibility Act (EAA) – Kiosks, touch screens and physical devices

In June 2025, the European Accessibility Act will be enforced. Most of the buzz is around websites and apps, but many physical devices will also be covered by the new legislation. Let’s look at that more closely and create some buzz around the accessibility of touch screens and other physical devices!

Accessible QR Codes – The Ultimate Guide

You may think that QR codes are great for securing your login, or letting users read more online about a product marketed in a news paper ad. But there is a high risk you are creating barriers for people with disabilities, unless you use QR codes correctly. This article is your ultimate guide to accessible QR codes!

Apple Vision Pro – with 1% vision

I got a chance to try out the Apple Vision Pro for an hour. Having a vision impairment myself, I obviously dove straight into the accessibility settings to find out if this new, hyped technology would work for me. Let’s go through how it went.

Inaccessible Marketing Emails Suck!

I hate to see how many marketing emails that go to waste and frankly, suck! It really has irritated me throughout the years – so much it became my contribution to Axe-con 2024 and this article.